Thursday, 23 August 2012

An interactive history of the NHS and NHS reform

The Nuffield Trust have created an interactive history of the NHS and its reform. The timeline goes back to the creation of the NHS in 1948 and charts the service's development and change, right up to the present day.

You can scroll through the history of the NHS, decade by decade, see key reports and publications, access further information, and watch embedded videos.

The timeline also outlines the current NHS reforms in detail, how they came about and looks at the likely future of change in the NHS. It will be updated when significant changes and developments take place.

New structure of the NHS
Elswhere on the Nuffield Trust's site you can access a set of slides (also available for download) which illustrate the main changes to the structure and accountabilities and funding of the NHS as a result of the 2012 Act. The final slide also outlines the new training and education arrangements.

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