Monday, 1 October 2018

Web site of the month: Stoptober

The Stoptober website is full of information and resources to aiming to give smokers the best possible chance of quitting.

By answering a few simple questions, the site will help you develop a personal quitting plan with tailored resources to help you succeed.

It also features information on aids to help you stop smoking, including nicotine replacement and electronic cigarettes as well as technological solutions like the Stoptober App, a Facebook community Messenger chat, daily support by email, and links to local face-to-face support.

The Stoptober site is a really useful site for anyone thinking of quitting. Given that if you stop smoking for 28 days you are 5 times more likely to stay a nonsmoker, Stoptober is the perfect opportunity to start stopping for good...

Health professionals can also find all the latest campaign materials for Stoptober on the Public Health England Campaign Resources site.