Wednesday, 25 January 2012

New DoH public health campaigns centre

The Department of Health have launched the Campaign Resource Centre, a new one-stop shop for all of their public health campaign information and resources for anyone who works directly with the public.

 If you want to start conversations with families and adults about healthier lifestyles, stopping smoking, the signs and symptoms of cancer or stroke, or you need trustworthy advice about the issues that affect young people, the Campaign Resource Centre can help.

Keeping you up to date with the latest campaign news, the Campaign Resource Centre will also give you access to the leaflets, posters, ads and toolkits available to support the campaigns.

Each campaign section offers a summary of the public health campaign together with all the resources available to support it. 

You can also find information about lots of other campaigns and both natioanl and international awareness days and events on the Equip Health Events calendar.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Access to the Lancet online

The technical problems with the Lancet have been resolved and online access is now available.

The Lancet is available via the NHS Evidence My Journals service on the ScienceDirect platform, which is slightly different than the other ejournals systems we use.

To make life a little easier for you we have produced a handy guide on how to register with ScienceDirect, activate your access to the Lancet via your NHS Athens account and search the site. You can find it on our web site here.

If you don't have an Athens account, NHS staff and attached students can register online here (it's best done from an NHS computer or with a email address).

If you have any problems with access to the Lancet, Athens or any other electronic resources please let us know.

New books on approval

Photo by Walt Stoneburner
We have a new selection of approval books for you to peruse at both the Berrywood and Richmond Libraries.  

If you can spare the time, please come and have a look at the titles we have and recommend any that you think the library should purchase. This is your opportunity to ensure that the book stock in the libraries reflects your needs.

We would also be happy to receive any other recommendations for purchases for library stock. If you want to see what we have added to stock recently, we produce monthly new books lists of our latest title

Friday, 13 January 2012

New books in stock

Focus on books by Kamal H.
If you are a nurse, manager, doctor, surgeon, psychologist, manager or you just like to learn, we have a new book for you!  Our list of new titles covers psychiatry, surgery, midwifery, healthcare management, ENT, health & safety, research, public health and lots more...

You can also see what we've added to our collection in the last few months on our web site.

Monday, 9 January 2012

Inside Health on BBC Radio 4

Inside Health starts on Radio 4 on Tuesday the 10th of January at 9:00 pm. Dr Mark Porter looks at conflicting health advice, explores new medical research and tackles the big health issue of the moment revealing the inner workings of the medical profession and the daily dilemmas doctors face. The series will also be available on the BBC iPlayer.

Friday, 6 January 2012

Strangest health news stories of 2011
Media coverage of health care related stories has often been variable in it's quality and 2011 proved to be no exception. 

NHS Choices have been through their Behind the Headlines service (Behind the Headlines provides an unbiased and evidence-based analysis of health stories that make the news) for 2011 and produced a list of the oddest and most innaccurately reported stories for the year

You can find the list on the NHS Choices site here. It makes for interesting reading...

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

NICE funds access to the Lancet for NHS staff

The National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence has signed a three year agreement to provide NHS staff with access to The Lancet

The Lancet is available electronically, via your NHS Athens password. Access to the journal will be via the Lancet site or the My Journals service on NHS Evidence.

If you don't have an Athens password, NHS staff and attached students can self register for an account here. Please contact us if you have any problems.

As part of the same agreement, NHS Libraries will also be receiving a free print copy of the journal, so if you prefer to read it that way you can visit one of the Library sites.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Health Promotion Resources is open for business

The Health Promotion Resources Service (which is now managed by the Public Health Directorate of NHS Northamptonshire) has relocated to it's new base and is open for business. The contact details for the team are:

Health Promotion Resources
Boothmeadow House
Museum Way
Riverside Park
Northampton NN3 9HW (Click here for a location map)
Telephone: 01604 362950 or 362956
Email (unchanged):
Follow us on Twitter for updates: @HPRNorthants