Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Library book sale starts Monday the 4th of March

We are holding a sale of books recently withdrawn from our stock, starting at 9 am on
Monday the 4th of March at the Berrywood and Richmond libraries.

On offer will be a variety of titles, including previous editions of textbooks as well as other items covering lots of different subjects and disciplines.

Costing just £1 or £2 each, you could find yourself a real bargain, but they do tend to sell quickly so we advise you to get here early in the week for maximum choice. 

Everything must go!

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

New books to review

We want to be sure that the books we buy are the books you actually need to support your work and learning.

We review publisher's catalogues, scan reading lists and peruse different web sites, but what we like best is when you tell us what you need.

That is where our books on approval scheme comes in.

Every two months our supplier sends us a selection of new publications on relevant health topics which are available for you to review and suggest titles for us to purchase (or sometimes, not to purchase!).

Our current selections will be available at the Berrywood and Richmond libraries until Friday the 8th of March. Topics covered include:
  • Anatomy and physiology 
  • Autism and ADHD
  • Medicine
  • Mental health, psychiatry and psychology
  • Nursing and midwifery
  • Obstetrics
  • Public health
  • ...and more
Of course we are always happy to have recommendations for new stock on any health related topic.

You can also find a list of titles we have recently purchased (including previous On Approvals) on our web site and all of our stock via the library catalogue.

Tuesday, 12 February 2019

Web site of the month: The NHS Apps Library

Newly launched this month, the NHS Apps Library provides selection of safe trusted apps and digital tools to support the health care of patients and the public.

All the apps in the library have met NHS Digital standards around clinical safety, usability and security.

You can browse the apps by category, search for specific ones or you can scrolls through a list.

Most of the apps in the library are free, although some have to be purchased and a few require a referral from a health professional to access.

With so many health related apps available, the NHS Apps Library is a great place to start to ensure you have a high quality product that will keep your data secure and do the job it is meant to.

Monday, 4 February 2019

Browzine trial extended

The Library's trial of BrowZine has now been extended until the end of March. BrowZine is a new way to access all our full text journal content from a simple interface or by using the app. 

Browzine is a smart, easy-to-use service which enables you to:
  • Browse our journal subscriptions to see what titles we hold in your specialty / areas of interest 
  • Browse table of contents of our journals and link straight through to the full text of most articles
  • Bookmark your favourite journals and receive alerts on your mobile device when new articles are published in that journal
If you need access to information on the go, the Browzine app is available for Android phones and tablets, the Kindle Fire (Amazon) and iOS (Apple) for iPhones and iPads.

If you don't want to use an app, you can also access Browzine through any computer.

The trial is available until the end of March and we would love to have your feedback.

Please just answer three quick questions to help us understand if we should consider purchasing Browzine