Friday, 30 October 2009

Berrywood Hospital Library Build

The building work for the library within the new Northamptonshire Healthcare Foundation NHS Trust Berrywood Hospital is progessing apace. Donning our Bob the Builder outfits (complete with luminous jacket, hard hat, safety boots and gloves!), we were given a tour of the main site and the library.

The whole project seems to be running extremely efficently and the new hospital is going to be very impressive once completed.

This photo shows some of the space for the new library. We are very pleased with the layout and are looking forward to moving in around mid-May 2010, to what is going to be a fantastic resource for all our users.

Berrywood Hospital

If you are looking for information about Berrywood Hospital, please see the Northamptonshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust web site.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Our new web site

You can find all sorts of useful information on our web site, including our library catalogue, information about the services we offer and a range of links to high quality sources of health care information.

To view our site: