Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Completed 100 day journey - reflection on the Global Challenge

Phew! The Library Stampers have completed the 100 day Global Challenge so time to soak those aching feet in a big bowl of water and contemplate our achievements over a nice cuppa.

Collectively we covered 3,356 miles by walking, swimming or cycling and we arrived at our final location of Warsaw in Poland…which has the world’s tallest four faced clock tower!

Along the way we completed several mini challenges for example taking 75,000, 100,000 or 125,000 steps in 5 days. Several of our team even completed over 1 million steps each and as a team we completed over 7 million steps; that’s a lot of walking!

Reflecting back on the Challenge, it was fun to be part of a team and to give and receive encouragement from others. It definitely raised awareness of how much (or how little) exercise/walking some of us were doing each day however sometimes it was quite a challenge to fit in walking into each day. So, the experience in three words? Motivating, challenging, fun.

Where do we go from here? Find a balance between exercise, work and personal commitments so that fitness and general wellbeing are increased and to do less sofa surfing!

Monday, 25 September 2017

All libraries unstaffed Monday the 2nd of October

Due to a trust event, all the libraries will be unstaffed for the day on Monday the 2nd of October.

Access will still be available to registered members at the Berrywood and Richmond libraries via our swipe card system. Isebrook library will be unavailable.

All sites will reopen as usual on Tuesday the 3rd.

Apologies for any inconvenience. 

Thursday, 21 September 2017

To sleep perchance... New blog on sleep research.

Interested in the latest research on sleep and sleeplessness? There is a brand new blog covering just this topic.

The Sleep Bulletin is produced by the Joint Education & Training library at Mid Cheshire Hospitals and will feature research articles around this topic. There isn't huge amounts of content on the blog yet but it will grow over time and is well worth a look if you have a professional (or personal) interest in sleep and insomnia.

Tuesday, 19 September 2017

New books added to Clinical Key

Elsevier have added new electronic books to Clinical Key this month, including:


Clinical Key is a fantastic, easy to use resource that contains huge amounts of full text content including:
  • 1,400 topic pages
  • Over 600 electronic journals 
  • Over 1000 electronic books
  • 850 First Consult monographs
  • 17,000 + medical / surgical videos
  • 300 + Procedures Consult videos
  • 15,000 patient education handouts
  • 2.2 million images
  • You can find a full content list here
To access Clinical Key all you need is your OpenAthens password (register online here if you don't have one) to get started.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Web site of the month: Jane (Journal Author Name Estimator)

Have you been conducting research or written a paper but have no idea where to get it published? Jane can help.

Jane, or to give the site its full name, Journal/Author Name Estimator, is an easy to use tool that can find journals that publish the sort of content you have written about.

Simply enter the title or abstract from your work (you can also search by keywords) into the search box and Jane will compare your text with the millions of articles indexed in Medline and recommend the journals which best match your area of interest.

Not only that, you can also use Jane to find relevant articles to cite in your paper by doing the same thing. You can also search for authors who's work best matches your area of interest.

Jane does not retain the information you supply for longer than it needs it to return a list of results. If you are worried about protecting your work there is also a scramble button. This arranges your content into alphabetical order, rendering it very hard to read for anyone else trying to intercept it, but making no difference to the search functionality.

Jane is a simple, versatile tool that is really helpful for those considering writing an article for publication, as well as those looking for a publisher.