Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Smoking and Health - 50 years on from landmark report

The RCP 1962 report
Fifty years ago the landmark report Smoking and Health was published by the Royal College of Physicians, which both drew the link between smoking, cancer and other diseases, and had a big impact on the public consciousness.

There is some very interesting footage from the time on the BBC's web site showing public reaction to the report. The article also traces the history of smoking and tobacco control policies since 1962, as well as the change from smoking being linked with affluence to it being linked to social disadvantage.

The RCP have now published 50 Years Since Smoking and Health which reviews the progress made since the original report as well as looking at the current situation in the UK and reviewing policy priorities.

Smoking is still an important public health concern though, and 100,000 people in Britain still die from tobacco related diseases every year.

With one month to go until larger shops will be required to hide tobacco displays from public view (and all shops by 2015), a debate about removing all branding from cigarette packs and National No Smoking Day on the 14th of March, 50 years on, smoking is still a vital health issue.

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