Monday, 1 July 2019

Health Information Week day 1: Clinical Key #HIW2019

Health Information Week is a national, multi-sector campaign to promote high quality information for patients and the public. High quality health information can have a huge impact on people’s ability to stay healthy and manage illnesses effectively, giving them a better quality of life.

Our campaign this year is focused on enabling clinicians to access good quality information aimed at the public which they can recommend to patients and over the next 5 days we will be signposting some resources and web sites we hope you will find useful.

We have also produced Helping you to help your patients, which is a brief guide to evaluating information as well as recommendations for sites where you can find trusted information aimed at patients.

For day 1 of Health Information Week we are looking at Clinical Key.

Clinical Key is a fantastic resource and many of our users will be familiar with the high quality content it contains such as the Lancet journal series, electronic books and topic pages, but did you know it also contains a wide selection of information sheets in a variety of languages that are specifically tailored to patients?

To access them go to and login with your OpenAthens account. If you don’t have an account you can register for one here:

Once you’re logged in you can click to browse patient education topics or to search, select “Patient Ed.” From the list of resource types and type in your search terms:

From your search results you can browse the contents to find the most useful information for your patient. Click on a result for more information.

Once you’ve chosen click on the option to print, and it will create a printable PDF for you. You can choose your language (if available). You can also add your name and contact details for your patient.
Clinical Key is a great all round resource that can support both you and you patients, from complex clinical information through to videos, topic pages and patient education sheets.

Tomorrow for Health Information Week we'll be looking at another really useful resource for supporting patients.

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